Theodore A. Harris was born in 1966 in New York City, NY and raised in Philadelphia, PA, where his art practice is based. Harris is a collagist, poet, and has co-authored books with Amiri Baraka Our Flesh of Flames (Anvil Arts Press) and Malcolm X as Ideology (Lebow Books), with Fred Moten i ran from it and was still in it (Cusp Books),and TRIPTYCH: Text by Amiri Baraka and Jack Hirschman (Caza De Poeisa).

He has held residences at the Ashe Cultural Arts Center New Orleans, LA, 40th Street A-I-R Philadelphia, PA. Hammonds House Museum and Resource Center of African American Art Atlanta, GA. International Festival of Arts and Ideas New Haven,CT.

His work is in privet and public collections such as the Center for Africana Studies University of Pennsylvania,Saint Louis University Museum of Art, Du Bois College House University of Pennsylvania, and Lincoln University.

In 2011 Harris’ work will be exhibited at the; 9th International Conference of the Collegium for African American Research (CAAR) Black States of Desire Conference University of Chicago Center in Paris, France, SURFACE POLITICS: Looking Beneath Aesthetics and Formalism, an exhibition he curated in which he invited other artist to exhibit their work with his was has held at Salon Joose Studio Gallery in Philadelphia, Pa.

Harris is the founding director of The Institute for Advanced Study in Black Aesthetics.

Forthcoming books

Interrogating the War on Terror in African American Expressive Culture
Edited by Kimberly W. Benston (Haverford College)
Collages by Theodore A. Harris


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